Monday, January 12, 2015

Leaving Hidalgo ... Forwarding Address?

News from Hidalgo today…sounds like a change of address is coming soon! At the end of our email time, Ethan got a phone call that he’s going to be transferred and serve as a Zone Leader (working with several Districts of missionaries that make up a Zone), but he didn’t know where yet. I’m so thankful for Elvira who sent us a message over Facebook – she and her family had Elder Christiansen and Elder Chacin over for dinner to say goodbye – and she sent us pictures and the news that Ethan was going to Laredo! We have so appreciated the sweet Fuentes family for loving and caring for our son while he’s been in Hidalgo, and for reaching out to us with kindness and friendship!


Wait, what, there is going to be a new stake center?! Since when?! And where?! And Jon comes home in four weeks, what?!?!?! He just left!! Nambre!!!!

This past week was good and we had another baptism! He is the baby daddy of Maria L. and his name is Jorge! It was a great service and he was so excited to get baptized! Also we had interviews with el Preisdente Maluenda and they were awesome as usual. I told him about the endorsement for re-enrollment, and it looks like it all worked out so that's great! Yea it's been super cold here. Rainy and it even got all the way down to 40 degrees! I know it's not much in comparison but it felt really cold. I am going to freeze back at BYU.

Yes another baptism in the ward, that's fantastic!! Sounds like the missionaries are doing work! Andrew do you know this kid? If not, then get to know him and help him be strong in the gospel! So we have transfers tomorrow and here’s the big news...we still haven’t been told anything :( Normally, Sunday morning they tell us who is leaving and who is staying so we can say goodbye to people, and then Monday they call us to tell us where we are going. But we haven’t even heard if we are going or staying yet. So if I’m leaving (and there's a pretty high chance of that), it'll be a late night packing, haha. But, it's all good though! I am reading the DyC as well, I started at the new year. My goal is to finish it before I come home. Man, I literally can't wait to talk to Silvia y Janet en espanol cuando regreso. Also we found out what apostle is coming – it will be Elder Oaks and Elder Robbins, so that's really cool, too. Life is great though, and I am loving the mission. I have grown the most in these last six weeks than at any other time in my whole life and it's been fantastic. I love y’all!

Con amor,
Elder Christiansen

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