Monday, January 5, 2015

Christmas Skype ... and New Year's Eve with Olaf!

The Christmas skype with Elder Christiansen was awesome!! We had a great time visiting with him and seeing his smiling face! He continues to have a great experience on his mission. We are so thankful for this. He skyped us from the Fuentes' home and they sent us these pictures over Facebook! He also told us he plans to go back to school for the summer term, so he'll be in Nashville for about a month and then head to BYU. It was again, our favorite part of Christmas day to get to see him and talk with him!



So this past week has been great! So Hedley and Alvin L. both got confirmed yesterday at church. They had been in Mexico for two weeks with their Dad. And then, the two other Santos kids got baptized!! It was fantastic! Now we are working with their dad so he can get baptized, too!

Yeah, Paula and Elvira were so excited to chat with you on Facebook! But Elvira doesn't know a word of English so she never knows what you’re saying, but Paula translates for her and then she loves it. Y’all would be best friends if you all met (and spoke the same language). :) 

Ok, so I don't know if it was because of the actual movie Frozen, or due to the fact that the only other real movies I've seen since being on my mission are Mulan and Meet the Mormons...but I loved Frozen!!!! It was so funny, oh my gosh, y’all should have seen me I was laughing so hard and especially at Olaf, he is hilarious!!!! Kind of a crazy fast movie, but I loved it. When Hans betrayed Ana, I was absolutely stunned – totally didn’t see it coming.

Yeah, I don't think we’ll have iPads or technology here anytime soon but who knows. Next week are transfers so this could be the last week in Hidalgo, but we’ll wait and see. Life is good down here in south Texas, I can't complain! 

Con mucho amor,
Elder Christiansen

P.S. – Good luck in baseball, Andrew! Just have fun and go hard everyday because before you blink, you are going to graduate. Tell Coach Maxwell I say hi and hope y’all do well this year!

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