Monday, December 8, 2014

"Love, Peace, and Tamales"

Hola Familia,

All is well down here in Hidalgo. My new companion is Elder Chacin (say like: Cha-seen) and he is a super good missionary, we hit it off really well. He is from Venezuela so that's pretty cool, too. He has been on his mission for almost a year so he knows what he's doing and we have been tearing it up. We are teaching a lot of different people right now so that is good, too.

The Festival of Lights down here is pretty crazy. It is PACKED every night down here so you can't really do anything at the Church because the paring lot gets taken up. It has been good though and it has given us an opportunity to talk to a lot of people. Have y’all seen the “He is the Gift” video yet? It's super good and the church gave us a bunch of pass-along cards especially designed for the video so we have been using those as well.

Life is all good though and I couldn't love my mission any more! It truly is the best thing in the whole world. I love the people, Texas, the food (probably too much...) and everything that's come with the job. I especially love the Savior and I am so grateful for everything that He did for us – to help us, save us, and show us how we need to act and behave in order to return and live with him again. 

Amor, paz, y tamales (“love, peace, and tamales”)
Elder Christiansen

"My companion took this of me in a goofy M&M's Christmas tie."

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