Monday, December 15, 2014

Baptisms ... and Getting in the Holiday Spirit!


Man, so this past week was crazy!!! And also super, super stressful but all worth it in the end because the Lopez family and half of the Sanots family got baptized yesterday!! It was such a great experience to see them all in white!! It all came right down to the wire though and so that is what made it so stressful. It was good, though, and I think the biggest thing I learned from it all is that it is good to thank our Heavenly Father for the trials and challenges that we face in our lives everyday. I know that as we can realize that as we are obedient to the commandments, then challenges and problems are just there to stretch us and make us grow even more than we though we could. So that was something I have started doing and it has really helped me to have a better perspective and attitude/outlook on life. It has also helped me to realize and count the many blessings that the Lord has given me. It's been a good week.

Elder Christiansen and Elder Chacin.

"There are the elders I live with. Elder Chacin is on the right
wearing the shaving cream Santa beard!"

One funny thing that happened this week was Elder Chacin (Cha-seen) and I were driving and we were just laughing and talking or whatever and then he was like, "Elder, It would be so much fun to watch like a kids movie with you like...umm...Kung-Fu Panda or something like that, I bet you just laugh the whole time." And then I was like man, Elder, you have no idea just wait for Frozen. O yea that's the movie we are going to watch for New Year's Eve – Frozen. It was pretty funny though. Also, no need to shed sad mama tears because the tree got here on Monday just like you said it would!!! And so I guess we'll just wait for the next one to come in, too! Life is good down here in South Texas!! I love it!! Man, it's about time Ensworth switched the exam schedule, that sounds great. Hahaha, that's so funny when I was reading your email I was like, "Man, did Dad just move to New York or what, you're there all the time, give him a break" haha, good work, Dad! Also for Christmas we are going to be Skyping from the Fuentes’ house. Still not really sure what time but I'll let you know next week. Also, I talked to the bros and we want to just get 2 four-man apartments that are next door to each other. I also got a box from the youth in our ward that had some good stuff in it. Socks, candy, shampoo and body wash (which was good because I ran out of both of those around Halloween and haven't gotten around to buying more since…no, just kidding!). Oh, also are there any youth who know Spanish? Because one of the cards I got was in Spanish and it was awesome.

All is well though and I’m going to send some more pictures, too. Oh, and also, can you do me a quick favor? Could you send me an ornament that has all of the pro Chicago sports teams on it? If you can't find one of those, then one that is just the Chicago Bulls? It's for a member. Sending you a picture of Elder Chacin and me with the Santos family (Mom, son, and daughter closest to Elder Chacin) and the Lopez family (Mom, son, and daughter that are closer to me) at their baptism. I love y’all so much and I hope y’all have a great Christmas!!!

Con Amor,
Elder Christiansen

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