Monday, October 27, 2014

World's Largest Killer Bee!


Cool, sounds like it was a fun week for everyone! That's so cool about Dad being the jefe (“chief”) at the College Board now! It sounds like Andrew is doing great at Ensworth, too, so that's cool tambien (“also”). One of the high schools in my area is the Tigers and their football field has blue turf, but they are really bad. Ok, so quick things for college:

I got an email today from Aaron and him, me, Jared, iDawg, Dirty Harry, Ty, Mason, and Chaka all want to room together when we get back for fall 2015. Mason, Chaka, and Ty won’t be back until winter 2016 though. Ok, yea, I’ll talk to Presidente about the form for BYU.

"It's the world's largest killer bee, right in Hidalgo!"

"And then there's me next to the bee. It's a random, giant statue in the middle of my area."

This week was pretty good, though. We had interviews with Presidente on Friday so that was awesome! He is a very, very inspired man! Yesterday we taught a blind guy and he came to church from his apartment and it was super awesome! If he can make it to church than any of us can, and there is no excuse! But then he told us he didn’t want to learn anymore but we cleaned his apartment and then he played the piano for us for a bit, which was amazing. All is well though and I’m loving my mission! I can't believe how fast it is going by but that's ok! I love y’all!! I’m sending home some pictures, too.

Con amor (“with love”),
Elder Christiansen

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