Monday, September 22, 2014

The Ripped Pants ... and Love the Scriptures


This week was just another great week to be a Texas McAllen Missionary! Life is good and it’s still so humid that it's actually rare if I am not sweating between the hours of 12-9. It's a blast though!

This past weekend was stake conference here and it was a lot of fun. I learned a lot of cool things. We also had zone conference this week as well and that was a blast, too. Presidente Maluenda started this new system to help us teach more effectively and use the scriptures more often. So everyday for 2 hours, aside from our studies, we are now doing role-plays, which help us practice to teach. Por ejemlpo (“for example”), I would be the missionary and Elder Thorton would be an investigador (“investigator”) and I would practice teaching him a lesson or something. So that's exciting and I'm looking forward to it. Alex who we’re teaching, is doing well. Just keep praying for him and for that miracle.

'If only this was our car!"

"The beautiful sunset in Hidalgo!"
Oh, ok, here is a funny story that happened this past week. So I went on an exchange with another elder in his area. And during the day we helped a women move some things out of her house down the street to her hijas (“daughter’s”) house. So there are a few of us missionaries there helping, and I squat down to pick up this box. And I don't know if I went down too fast or what, but right as I land in my squatting position I hear this huge tear. And I immediately pop back up and my face turns redder than a tomato because I had just ripped my pants! The tear was from a couple inches below where the zipper ends, all the way down and around to my belt loop on the backside. Just like a wide-open gaping hole – can you believe that?! Elder Renshaw and Elder Wright then just started dying laughing, too, because it was super funny. Helping with the move was the last thing we had planned for the day, so it wasn’t a problem because we just went home – but it was really funny. And no, I don’t need more pants because I still have 5 pairs that are doing just great.

The mission is great though I love all the incredible things I am learning. I love reading the scriptures each and every day because they make me happy and I feel better as I read them cada dia (“every day”). I love y’all!!!

Con amor (“with love”),
Elder Christiansen

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