Monday, September 15, 2014

Jesus Christ ... Our Perfect Example

Commentary from Ethan today -- getting a new retainer (his broke); congrats to Andrew on a student government election at school; congrats to 12-year-old cousin Nick, an amazing mogul skier who was invited to compete in a cool indoor tournament in England this week; and a shout out to the 'Dores for a win! I especially like his thoughts about Jesus Christ as a perfect example -- such a beautiful commentary. And love the flag ties!


Sounds like a great week! This week has been good as well! We are working with a boy named Alex – his family was already baptized, but he wasn’t at that time and now is slowly accepting the gospel so pray for him!

I went to the dentist today to get my new retainer (the dentist is actually a bishop up in Mission, TX, so that was cool). They took some impressions and he said he would call me when they are ready. Being a DL is great, I love my district they are just the best. I do not need anything I am doing great :) Nothing really too crazy happened this past week. There were a few huge storms so that was wild and there has been tons of flooding, too. Our car was more like a boat – haha. We all wore ties with the American flag for 9/11 as a sign of respect. 
"With Elder Young, one of my roommates,
wearing our American flag ties on 9/11."

That's super cool about Andrew!! Glad I’ll be there to hear him speak at graduation!! And a Vandy win – awesome! That's really cool about Nick, too, like wow...can't wait to watch him in the Olympics. The Fuentes family is doing great as well – they love church and the gospel so that's good (and they feed us a lot – also good :) 

I know that Jesus Christ is our perfect example and if we follow Him we will always be led to more happiness and peace in life, no matter what circumstances or challenges we are facing. I got a letter from Papa Clair that I really liked. It talked a little about Uncle Jay's funeral and then about the Atonement. Oh, and you have to tell Silvia and Janet this: I LOVE moley, oh my goodness it is just the best dish! I had it like 4 or 5 times this week at different people's houses, and it was amazing every time. I can't believe it is starting to be fall now, either! All is well though, I can't complain. I love y’all so much!!

Con amor (“with love”),
Elder Christiansen

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