Tuesday, September 2, 2014

An Encounter with U.S. Border Patrol

Elder Christiansen's adventures of the past week. He is loving his mission! He's also serving in an area of many contrasts, challenges, and conflicts, and he is seeing and experiencing life on the U.S. Mexico Border in unique ways. Thanks for your continued prayers for Ethan, and missionaries who serve all over the world. He loves the Savior and recommends a video for everyone to watch -- see below. Also -- some photos that made him and us smile! Ethan's buddy from freshman year, Ian Nobmann, currently an LDS missionary in Argentina, exploring the area wearing an Ensworth shirt Ethan gave him.


Another fantastic week! And transfers! Elder Thorton and I are staying in Hidalgo, though, but we are getting a new missionary companionship in our district so that is cool! Also, I got pulled over for the very first time in my life last night...and it was by U.S. Border Patrol! It wasn’t a big deal though, so before y'all even start worrying you can stop. We pulled over on the side of the road next to this cotton field in our area because we needed to make some calls. And we were there for about 10-15 minutes. So we’re done and we leave to go to someone's house (it's around 8:00 last night, by the way) and the whole drive there I was thinking: “man I think this border patrol van is following us this is weird.” And so we turn into the neighborhood and he turns his lights on and I'm thinking, "oh my gosh what is it with me, Elder Thornton, and the police these days? Just give us a break!" But he comes up to the door all sketchy and is yelling at us to roll the window down. So we do and he walks up and you could just see his face change when he saw that we were both LDS missionaries. So he checked our IDs and then told us that the field where we pulled over is big pick up place for illegal border crossings, and then that was all. He was cool but it was pretty funny I was trying hard not to laugh!

We helped a member move on Saturday and I was wearing my Vandy shirt and he just goes, "Yea Vandy got worked by Temple yesterday." Oh man!

The mission is going by so fast ahhhh – I hate how fast it's going! Oh yea and I got the cookies from grandma today...SO GOOD, THANKS! They were delicious and our apartment just scarfed them down. The mission is great though I can't complain at all. Elder Latu got transferred out so that was kind of sad because we got super close, but it's all good. All is well. The Savior is the key in everything and I am so eternally grateful for His sacrifice! If y'all haven’t seen the "Because of Him” video, go watch it – right now!!!!! I love y'all!!!

Con amor y viva Mexico,
Elder Christiansen

"This is I-Dawg in Argentina wearing the Ensworth shirt I gave him!"

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