Monday, August 25, 2014

White Shirt on a Chair ... and Cloud 9

Here's the news from Hildago today -- Elder Christiansen and his companion have been teaching a wonderful family and an important decision was made!

Muy buenas dias,

So this last week was so great…because the Fuentes family got baptized!!!!!!! Oh man what a milagro (“miracle”) it was! So we went by basically every day and had super powerful lessons with them. I mean just like a spiritual 12-round boxing match with testimonies and scriptures and crushing doubts and it was great! So we go over on Friday for our lesson and we sit down and we are just doing small talk and there was a white dress shirt sitting on one of their chairs. And so, kind of joking, I asked Hermano Fuentes if that was for his baptism. And then he looks at me and says: “Si, hermanos, me voy a bautizar el domingo con mi familia." -eso quiere decir, “that is to say -- "Yes, brothers, I am going to get baptized on Sunday with my family.” Man, I couldn’t believe it! It was one of those moments when you feel like the whole world has stopped and you are just on cloud 9. It was great though, and then they all got baptized and it was awesome!

That was the main thing that has happened this week. Seminary and school are all starting up here and I can't believe it! All is well though and my mission is going great!

Con amor y come mucho Andrew (“with love and eat much, Andrew”),
Elder Christiansen

We received this photo today -- it's from Ethan's last area in Laredo.

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