Monday, August 18, 2014

Excellent Training and Teaching

News from Ethan today: leadership training, loving his mission, and teaching a new family. Our email to him today included the tender news that Uncle Jay passed away the day before after a long journey with cancer.


Oh, I’m so sorry about Uncle Jay. I will send Aunt Susie a letter.

Everything is going fine down here in South Texas. So we have been teaching this family and they have been doing wonderful!! Ellos se llaman la familia Fuentes! (“They are called the Fuentes family!”) They are just great; oh man, I love them so much! So it is a mom and dad, like a 20-ish-yr old girl, 17-yr-old boy and 14-yr-old girl. The oldest girl doesn’t really listen to us but the rest of the family does and the dad and 14-yr-old girl came to church last week and then yesterday the mom, dad and 14-yr-old came!!! They are so awesome!!

I love my mission so much I can't even put it into words. Also, this week we had something called 3-day Leadership Training. It is meetings that are from 8-5ish, 3 days in a row every few months for the leaders in the mission (dls, zls, aps, stls) and it is pretty much Presdiente Maluenda giving us training and instruction on how we can be better and the way he wants the mission to go and so forth. The trainings were AWESOME!! I learned a lot from the Spirit and it was great seeing all of my buddies from around the mission. I also talked to Elder Peterson because he was there, too, and we were sitting at the same table for lunch. It was great to see him!

All is well though and I am so grateful for all my blessings!!! 

Con amor, (“with love”)
Elder Christiansen

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