Monday, July 28, 2014

Leaving Laredo ... and Photos!!

Big news from Texas today -- Ethan is getting transferred! This will be the fourth area where he's worked. We don't actually know where he's going yet as that detail will come to him on Tuesday, I think, so we'll hear next week. Prayers for a smooth and successful transfer! Oh, and lots of fun pictures today! :))

Familia, Familia!

Man, so a bunch of crazy things happened this week! So we got the voicemail on Sunday morning and I'm getting transferred! It was like a 50-50 chance between Elder Brian and me, and the message said my name first but then right after they said Elder Brian was getting transferred, too! They are closing down an area next to ours and changing the borders and such so we’re both gone to new places! Also, Presidente Maluenda called me on Saturday night and asked me to be a district leader, so that is pretty nuts, too, but it should be fun. (Ask Benjin what a DL is and he can explain it.)

I am super sad that I am leaving Laredo, though, this has probably been one of my favorite areas. Elder Brian and I got so close with all the members and so they were all sad to see us go as well. There were lots of tears. I love these people a lot like words
"Elder Brian and I having lunch at Whataburger."
just can't describe it. To see someone change so much and grow so much closer to their
Savior is just the best feeling ever. Seeing this change take place just opens up a part of your heart that you didn’t even know was there. Also I’ll send a lot of pictures. Oh, and I still don't know where I'm going so that'll probably be in next week’s email (fingers crossed for Brownsville!!! haha – I don’t really care where I go, I’ll be fine wherever).

"This is a picture of our Zone doing a 'stomp' -- we
all went to one area in Zapata and worked there for a day.
It was super fun!!! We're making
(or trying to make) a 'Z' sign with our hands for Zapata."
Ethan is on the back row, orange tie. :) 

"This is our Zone."
Ethan is on the back row, second from left.

"Behind me is Mexico!"

"The temperature reading on our car when we came
out of an appointment one day!"

"This is the planning agenda that I keep in my shirt pocket.
And, yes, it's wet from sweat." 

"We eat at this sister's house every Sunday after church."

"This is Mike (in the middle), a cool member in Laredo we hung out with a lot."

"We are with the Morales family in their humble casita."

Man, that sounds like y’all are having a lot of fun in Utah. Tell everyone I say hi and that I love them a lot!!! No there is nothing I really need – I am fine. That family that we were teaching totally dropped us but that's ok, it happens. Nothing else too big happened this week though it's just crazy to think I'm starting another transfer and that it’s almost August, holy cow what is happening!!!!!

One thing in our sacrament meeting yesterday that hit me was the speaker said, "If you are not seeing miracles in your life, start asking for them." And it just hit me when he said that because miracles are a part of the gospel of Jesus Christ and the Lord wants us to have those in our lives, sometimes all we need to do is just ask for them. All is well down here in Texas though. I love this place!!!

Con Amor (with love),
Elder Christiansen

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