Monday, June 23, 2014

Obedience, Faith, and Patience ... and Go 'Dores!!

Wonderful technology and kind strangers! I received a random text from a church member in Laredo -- she and her family had Ethan and his companions over for a birthday dinner, her oldest son baked a Lego cake for the celebration, and she wanted to share the fun with us! :) So sweet -- not only that this wonderful family had the missionaries over, and are caring for them, but also that the mom sent us the text and pictures. Such a fun and thoughtful surprise -- we loved this real-time glimpse into Ethan's life, and are so grateful for the kindness of the people around him and his companions. In Ethan's letter today, he's so excited Vanderbilt made it to the College World Series finals! 


NO WAY!!!!!!!!! Holy cow, I can’t believe that about Vandy – ahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Take a bunch of pictures of the TV and send them to me! And especially the dog pile if they win!!!!!! That's so sick!!!! A lady at church yesterday showed me the article on her phone and I was going nuts!! I hope they win!!!!!

Everyone loves the World Cup here – it's crazy. Yesterday we knocked on a door and nobody answered. Then we knocked again and this time we just heard a bunch of screaming on the other side of the door, seriously it was a group of people going nuts. Then we hear them chanting, "U-S-A! U-S-A!!" So Elder Brian and I were like, "Well, looks like we just scored!" It was nuts. And, everyone went crazy here when Mexico tied Brazil.

Yea I know, I'm excited for my birthday! Different church members are having Elder Brian and me over for a birthday party almost every day this upcoming week! Ummmm…I don't really want or need anything for my birthday. Maybe a big package of food and snacks for the apartment would be good, but I can't think of anything else. Oh my goodness I can't believe Clay is almost done with his mission, it seems like he just started last week – that just blows my mind!!! Sorry I don't have lots of photos from this week but I'll hopefully have some next week.

This past week was good. It was a hard week though – we talked to so many people and just nobody really panned out/nobody was really interested. It’s ok, though, I am grateful for trials and growing moments like these because the good times always follow the bad ones, I have seen it time and time again. As long as we keep being obedient and faithful to the Gospel, then we will receive the blessings – it’s impossible for us to not to. The only hard part is that sometimes we want them now, now, now instead of in the Lord's time. That's ok though, because then we learn patience, which is a very important Christ-like attribute.

I heard this next week is supposed to be a hot one again so I'm excited! Oh and Dad, I was wondering if you could get four gold or black mechanical engineering shirts for the guys in my apartment? They all think it's sick that you work at Vandy and they would love engineering shirts! Kinda random but that would be cool if you sent those if you can. Oh man Trotter it's almost his time! He'll do great in Vancouver! That sounds super fun that he, Richard and Andrew went camping, too. And Andrew, gosh dangit, email me some cool pics or something, homie!!!

The church is true and God lives and loves us. Have a good week y’all and go ‘Dores!!!!

Con Amor,
Elder Christiansen

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