Monday, June 2, 2014

A Chilly 105 Degrees ... and a Fast-Growing Branch

Elder Christiansen...gently reminding us to get our email to him so it's there when he gets online (last week, our email missed him and arrived after he had checked his sorry buddy!)... commenting on friends graduating from high school, friends getting married, hilarious comments out of the mouth of his little second cousin, and news about uncle and brother-in-law, Jay, who has been staring down stage 4 colon cancer for 4+ years, and recently made the brave choice to conclude chemo as it is no longer effective. We love you, Uncle Jay!

June 2, 2014


Man, I'm so glad y’all emailed! Remember to email every week!!!!!!! This week was good. It continues to be SO hot here – big surprise. Last week we got in the car and it said 122 on the temperature gauge. But we were out of our mileage allowance, so we went back and got on our bikes, and it cooled off to a chilly 105. It felt like no matter where we went, we were standing next to a giant heater! It was good, though.

Man, sounds like a lot of stuff is going on, I can't believe Richard graduated from high school!! I remember taking him to Ensworth his first day after Seminary! Holy cow and Molly’s wedding this week, that's crazy! Hahaha that is so funny about Maddux, haha. That's too bad about Uncle Jay, though. He and Aunt Susan have done their part in this life so they will have blessings awaiting them in heaven. They are such great examples.

The work is going great though, I love it. The branch we are in right now is the fastest growing one in Laredo, it's on fire and so we just gotta keep it that way. Andrew, go hard in summer workouts you chubby osito (“teddy”). Presidente Maluenda is coming up next week, I think, because we have zone conference, so I'm pumped about that. Life is good here in south Texas! There is nothing better than being a missionary!!!!! I love y'all!!

Con amor (“with love”),
Elder Christiansen

P.S. Andrew – email me!

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