Tuesday, May 27, 2014

"The Best Experience of My Whole Life"

News and commentary from Laredo today -- Elder Christiansen is loving on all his grandparents, including my mom, who he named "Gar-Gar," when he was little, who had a big birthday (it was the one right before 80!); and an awesome letter from Doug's dad. And on two sweet friends who are natives of Mexico and love to hear about all the great Mexican food Ethan is eating and loving! They have this great culinary connection through his mission experience and are already planning what they want to cook for him when he gets home. :) Ok, a little concerned about his fascination (obsession?) with Whataburger...what even is that? :) Most of all, so special to hear about another baptism, and that Elder Christiansen is having the "best experience of my whole life." Pretty amazing.

May 27, 2014


This week was super good again! And, yes, I didn't email yesterday because of Memorial Day. Cesar was baptized!!!!!!! His friend, Miguel, baptized him and it was really great – there was a really sweet spirit there. As for your question: no I don't want/need anything special for my year-mark – haha. It’ll just come and go. Oh man, Silvia and Janet, I can’t wait to see them, too! They will make me feel like I'm back in the mission once I get home! Ok, I'll send Gar-Gar a letter. I got a letter from Grandpa this week, too, and he sounds like he is doing well. I love getting letters from all the grandparents, their letters are always so nice and uplifting (not that yours aren’t though). :)

Not a whole lot else happened this week that was too crazy, though. A giant dog almost bit me but that was because I didn’t see it and accidentally walked right by it. But Elder Brian was like: "Dude look at that beast!" And I looked down and then it jumped up and ran after me so I bolted into the street and before it got me, the chain caught the dog and pulled it back. It was pretty funny, some people across the street were laughing at me!

Life is good though, and especially life in the mission. I'm just having the best experience of my whole life I can't believe everything I'm learning and the way I'm growing – it’s just the best. Oh, the guy I'm next to in that picture is Hermano (Brother) Flores and he is a baller. He gives the Morales family a ride to church every week and so we asked him to baptize them and he was thrilled to do it. Wow, I can't believe Andrew is going to be a senior, he’s so small though how can this be?!?!?!?! It's still super hot as always, I sweat so much it's not even funny, it's terrible but I wouldn't want it any other way! God is good and keep reading the Book of Mormon!!! 

A penas comi whataburger y realmente me lo encanto muchisimo #PattyMelt (something about eating, loving Whataburger…??)
Elder Christiansen

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