Monday, May 19, 2014

A Baptism and Yard Work ... "Life is Good!"

Here's the news from Laredo today!

May 19, 2014


So this week was another awesome week!!! The Morales family got baptized!!!!!! It was awesome and they are doing great! They are such a great, humble family and they were so ready for the gospel nothing could have stopped them!! Also Brian (the guy we baptized two weeks ago) received the Aaronic priesthood!!! And I got to give it to him! It was such a cool experience I had never done that before.

It's still extremely hot. Oh, and so we went and did yard work for a sister in the Spanish Rama (Branch) this past week and it was crazy. The grass/weeds hadn’t been cut since February and so the they were seriously taller than I am. So Elder Brian, two men from the Rama, and I went over and just went nuts on her lawn, we were just ripping weeds up and one of the guys had a machete he was using and the other had a giant walking weed-eater and so we were all getting pelted by like rocks and stuff. Oh, and I saw the biggest spider of my life, seriously it was the size of my palm I couldn’t believe, it Elder Brian and I were like "Oh my gosh!!!!!!" It was awesome, though, because she did a huge carne ("meat"?) for us so when all the work was done we all went inside and ate sooo much food, I probably gained 5 lbs just while I was there alone, it was so good though.

I'm not sure what I’m going to do when I get home because I LOVE Mexican food it's seriously the best ever. Life is good though I'm happy I'm a missionary and I'm happy that I get to do what I do everyday. There's really nothing like it; it's just the best! Oh, and we had another miracle this week!!!!! So one of the youth in the Spanish Rama brings his friend to church every week. So I saw him and went up and introduced myself and he told me that he wanted to get baptized!!! So we've had a few lessons and he's going to get baptized on Friday!!!!!! His name is Cesar. Pray for him!!

Keep on keeping on y'all – life is good! Be happy!!

Les amo!!!! (“I love you!”)
Elder Christiansen

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