Thursday, April 24, 2014

Texas is Everywhere!!

Today was a busy day with meetings, errands, appointments -- pretty typical. But there was something else that was part of my day -- Texas reminders everywhere, seriously. So fun! All in one day, check out this list -- you can't make this up:

1) Driving to a meeting at Vanderbilt, rushing to get there and frustrated with the red light stopping my progress. As I rolled to a halt and looked up, I instantly smiled: the car in front of me had an Illinois license plate that said "Texas" on it.

2) The very next block, stopped again, and the car ahead of me and over one lane...a Texas license plate. Really? By now, I'm totally laughing, thinking of Ethan, my stress vanishes (and I made my meeting on time). :)

3) Meeting over, and I'm on about my day -- stopped in the UPS store to mail a couple of things, walked in and the clerk was talking with another customer, they are laughing and joking around and I hear these words: "Everything is bigger in Texas!" Another fun reminder of Ethan.

4) Two stops later, the gas station where I saw a mom and her two darling children -- they were speaking Spanish and she was wearing a "Texas" baseball cap. Seriously? I felt like Ethan was right there with me.

5) I've been in physical therapy for a few weeks for a recurrent and frustrating ankle sprain -- my physical therapist, a native Texan, has these cool silver earrings that are the shape of the state, and she was wearing those.

Texas awareness in our everyday lives continues -- who knew there were so many cars in Nashville with Texas plates? It's like they are everywhere and I can spot them in any parking lot, on any street, etc. It's kind of like when you get a new car, a certain make, model and color -- and that's suddenly all you can see on the road. :)

I love these little reminders of our adopted state where our son is serving -- tender mercies for this mom, for sure. It's kind of a full circle in a way -- my dad was born in East Texas, totally on the opposite side from where Ethan is serving, but I love that the generations connect in this big, beautiful, amazing place.

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