Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Email on a Tuesday ... What???

I've mentioned before how we love Mondays since that's the day we hear from Ethan! Well...until Monday, April 21st. It was an extremely long day with no email from our missionary. What was up? Thankfully we heard from him the next day and we were so glad! Who knew that the day after Easter was a holiday at the Laredo Community College where they go to email? He sounded excited about Easter in Laredo, his great companion, and a terrific young man they are teaching who is their same age. And slightly nostalgic for the alumni baseball game at Ensworth held the Saturday of Easter weekend. It was such a fun occasion -- we saw many friends and sent Ethan some photos from the day. He's planning on being there in a couple of years! :)) We're so happy for him that he's having this mission experience, and so pleased with his service. That's a home run right there!

April 22, 2014


Man what a crazy week as usual!!! Ok so we email at LCC (Laredo Community College) and it was closed yesterday so that's why I didn’t email. So Olga didn’t get baptized and there was bunch of confusion and it was just kind of nuts but she's doing well, just keep praying for her, please. We are also working with this guy named Brian. He is 19 and like super cut and fit and he should be getting baptized this weekend, so pray for him too, he's so awesome!!!!!

It's so hot down here, like in our apartment we have all the ceiling fans plus 2 more going 24/7, but it's all good. The alumni game looks super fun I wish I could have been there, but oh well. Maybe in 2 years – haha! I left my camera in the car so no photos this week :( but there will be photos next week :)

Elder Brian is an awesome companion, we are doing great. Yes, I got your Easter box earlier this week and I loved it! And I also got a letter from the Overmyers and it sounds like they are doing well – just trying to get everything ready for Molly's wedding.

It's hotter than freaking dirt down here (did I already say that?), and I still sweat like a beast but it's great – the mission is just amazing. We had interviews with Presidente Maluenda this week, too, and they were awesome!

I hope everyone is doing well at home. Nothing else really happened that was too crazy this week. For Pascua (Easter) the Mexicans hollow out Easter eggs and fill them with confetti so there is confetti EVERYWHERE, like all in the streets and houses and yards like it's everywhere! Well I love y'all! Always remember – obedience brings blessings! Make sure your praying and reading your scriptures, too! 

Con Amor,
Elder Christiansen

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