Monday, March 17, 2014

Spring Break, Sick Bay ... and Speaking Spanish

News from Flour Bluff today -- illness, spring breakers, hot weather, upcoming training meetings, and speaking Spanish! And even while on his mission, Elder Christiansen cares deeply about the Ensworth Tigers baseball team and cheering for Andrew (not so thrilled to hear about losing to the in-town rival)! Andrew's team just started its baseball spring break trip to Florida, thus the comment on rooming with seven guys. Loved this picture -- what a beautiful sky. And Elder Christiansen is still smiling after a long, hard day.

"This was at sunset one day. Nothing fancy. I remember I was
very tired that day though because it had been a long day." 

March 17, 2014

Hi Familia,

What?? We got swept by MBA, come on!!!! O well, the new baseball complex sounds sick, though! That also sounds like a beast double play thata kid Andrew!! Send some pics! Yea, it's spring break down here, too...and we’re like right next to the beach so its been kinda nuts, haha. I was waiting for Elder Roth because he was in the bathroom at a Stripes and five way drunk college guys came in and went into the bathroom. One of them walked right into those yellow signs they put up after they mop that say the floor’s wet. One of them wasn’t wearing a shirt or shoes of any kind. And I watched the other 3 by $40 worth of lottery cards, it was pretty funny.

The Perez family was confirmed yesterday so they are officially members of the Church now!!!!!!! They are doing great as well!!!!!!! I was also sick this last week, too, and it was pretty bad on Thursday. I couldn’t sleep all Wednesday night because I was coughing and had the sniffles. So I stayed in for half the day Thursday but I am fine now. Yes I have gotten all of your packages and stuff and I love them! O yea it’s hot here, too, it stopped being cold in like the middle of February. Elder Roth actually shipped all of his sweaters and cold stuff home because this was his last winter in the mission. This past week was great though, I love it. I love how hot and muggy it is down here, aw man it's just the best!

We went by to see la Hermana Petra Mendez (the only Spanish member in our area) this week and it was so good to have a lesson in Spanish. She asked for a blessing as well and Elder Roth did the anointing and I did the blessing and the gift of tongues is for real! It was so cool I just remembered everything I have ever learned about Spanish and so the blessing flowed super well. These next few weeks are going to be great, too, because we have Zone Conference on Wednesday, Stake Conference on Sunday and Elder Jim L. Wright is coming, and then General Conference in a few more weeks!!! I can’t wait!!!!!

All in all, another great week to be a Texas McAllen Misionero. The Lord is preparing people to hear the gospel, we just have to find them (and by "we" that means members and missionaries alike). Have a great spring break! Those baseball trips were always so much fun! I don’t know how in the freak you are rooming with 7 other dudes, Andrew, but don’t get a disease, haha. Tell all the family I say hello, too! And that I love them!

Cuidense y come mucho Andrew, (take care and eat a lot, Andrew)
Elder Christiansen

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