Monday, March 31, 2014

Driving in Laredo

First letter from Laredo. Elder Christiansen is now driving a car, after 10 months exclusively on a bike. I'm sure it will all come back to him. :) Sounds like the first few days of navigating around Laredo have been an adventure!

And here's a photo, below, of Elder Christiansen and his companion in Flour Bluff, Elder Roth, the day before Ethan moved to Laredo. They were companions for three months.

"This is Elder Roth and me outside the Stake Center
in Corpus Christi the day before I left."

March 31, 2014

Amigos & Familia,

Ok so I should apologize first off because I haven't email one of these out in a long time but it's just been super crazy! So please forgive me! So I guess to start off I was transferred this past week and so I am now currently in Laredo. I was only in Corpus Christi for about 3 months and I found out on Sunday night that I would be leaving Tuesday morning. So on Tuesday I had to get up at 4:30 a.m. to drive down to McAllen with 2 other missionaries and then I rode up in a car packed with 5 of us and all of our luggage, so that was pretty fun, too. Also when I got transferred I found out that I was white-washing. That means that both of the missionaries were replaced in an area so my new companion and I are both new here and have been super lost this past week just trying to figure out where everything is. It has been sooo much fun, though!

My companion’s name is Elder Brian and he's from Utah. He’s cool, we will have lots of fun working together. Also, this is the first time on my mission being in a car area so I had to kind of get used to life behind the wheel again...I haven’t driven for 10 months so it's been fun.

So, right when we got here I had to take my bike to a bike shop because the crank fell off and some other stuff. So, it was on the other side of Laredo so we figure out how to get there, drop off my bike, and then we’re heading home. And so we’re driving and talking and whatever and I'm looking ahead and there are all these flashing lights and I think to myself, "Man that must have been a big accident."... Well as we got closer I looked up and realized that what we were looking at was la puente (bridge) that goes into Mexico! And we were heading right for it! So Elder Brian and I just start laughing and we’re like "Holy cow!!!! We gotta get over." And so pretty much after cutting off 3 lanes of traffic and running a red light we stayed in the United States! Oh man, it was sooo funny we were just laughing so hard the whole way back. Now the embarrassing part of this is when we were coming back from the bike shop with my bike about 3 days later, I almost made the same mistake but instead I just cut off one guy and then light was green.

The apartment we live in is basically walking distance from the border. and it's pretty crazy. All the street signs are in Spanish and we have lots of stores that say “Aceptamos pesos" or "We accept pesos."

I LOVE Laredo though it is so great. There are just so many people willing and ready to hear about the Restored Gospel. Everyone is so nice to us and the members of the Church here are amazing as well. Also it is just puro espanol, like the only time I don’t speak Spanish is in the apartment really because no one here knows English. I love it though and I'd say that I'm pretty much fluent in Spanish now as well. I get like 90% of it and even if it's not about the church or gospel. The church is true y'all and the Lord really does love each one of us. We are His children and He is always, always willing and waiting to bless each and every one of us. Que Dios les bendigas y cuides durante toda la semana. Ora siempre. (May God bless you and take care all week. Pray always.)

Come bien, Andrew (eat well, Andrew)
Elder Christiansen 

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