Monday, March 10, 2014

A Family Baptism!

Thanks to everyone who shared nice comments with us about Elder Christiansen's blog -- we loved hearing from you! And thanks to those who weighed in on the "flock of deer" in the last blog post -- hilarious. We heard about a "parliament of owls" and a "zeal of zebras" and the most popular response was "herd of deer." Yes, that sounds right...a herd! We're going with that!

Here's the news from Flour Bluff today. The color commentary of Ethan's missionary experiences continues to entertain and inspire us. Most important: the baptism of the sweet family he and Elder Roth have been teaching. Awesome.

March 10, 2014

Familia, familia,

The P. family was baptized yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhh!!!!!!!! I’m so glad it worked out and they were all baptized! The daughter wanted me to baptize her, and a member of the bishopric baptized the parents. I’ll try and send a picture after this but the Internet here is wayyy slow, so it might not work (I’ve sent 3 emails in 1 hour). So that was the big event for this past week, and the best event!

Some other funny/crazy/cool stuff es lo siguiente (is the following):

1. I flipped over on my bike again this week (this is the second time this has happened on my mission). I was riding and Elder Roth was in front of me and he kept looking back. So then I looked back to see what he was looking at and then I turned around and he was right in front of me so I yanked on the brakes and flew over the top again. It was pretty funny and I wasn’t hurt at all, my knee was a little bloody, but it was fine.

2. I finished reading Jesus The Christ this week by Elder James E. Talmadge. It was so good, I loved it and I think it is the longest book I have ever read, too. I started reading it in the middle of January. (note: it’s about 800 pages or so…)

3. I was working with another missionary in my area and we were talking as we were riding down the road and he asked me, “Do people yell a lot of mean things at you guys here?" I responded, "Yeah, all the time." Then, seriously 5 seconds later, this massive truck turns onto the road and a guy leans out the window and flips us off and yells “F… you!!!!!!" hahaha it was SO funny, oh my goodness, we were just dying laughing, haha.

Life is good though and I love the mission! We are all still learning the new teaching style and it's pretty hard, but it is very effective and it allows the Spirit to teach the people more in our lessons so that’s good. Also, Jared has an iPad now. (note: "wolf-pack" brother and missionary buddy in Washington, D.C.)

I love you guys and I hope ya’ll have a great week!!! I’ll try and send some pictures!

Cuidense (take care of yourselves),
Elder Christiansen

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