Monday, February 24, 2014

"This Week Was Good But Way Hard"

Short note today...Doug, Andrew and I all could feel what a difficult week Ethan had experienced. Being not fun. Some disappointment and discouragement, broken appliances, and some wistful glaces at his favorite sport. It's an inspiring reminder to me about the sacrifice and dedication all missionaries give during their service. So humbling to think of more than 80,000 young people serving the Lord and their fellow human beings all over the world. Awesome.

February 24, 2014

What up fam?

This week was good but way hard. I got a letter from Brother Miller in the ward and it was super nice, tell him I said thank you. I also got two from Gar-Gar and that was nice, too. The P. family didn’t get baptized yesterday and it's complicated, but it stinks. Hopefully it will be this upcoming week though. Please continue to pray for them. Also, I was really sick on Saturday and that was no fun, too, and especially on the mission because I couldn’t go out and work ‘cause I was asleep for most of the day. But I am feeling a whole lot better now – I’m totally fine.

Haha – also we were biking the other day and a rat jumped onto Elder Roth's bike so that was pretty cool. Nothing much is happening here, like it just keeps on keepin’ on I guess. How is life at home? Oh, and our washer broke so now all our clothes are yellow. Haha, no just kidding – but the washer did break and we don’t know why, but we just did our wash at the member's house we live behind.

Hope baseball is going well! The high school here (Flour Bluff High School) had some games this week and when we bike by I’m always staring at them, haha. Also another missionary gave me the best orange tie yesterday, oh my gosh it’s not even that good of a tie but I love it, haha. Sorry this email is kind of short, but not too much happened this week.

Les quiero mucho!
Elder Christiansen

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