Monday, February 17, 2014

Obedience ... and Eating Pig Soup

Here's the news from the Bluff today. Ethan had an opportunity to speak Spanish again this week and loved it! And more new foods to try. Most important, he's excited about a family that is planning to be baptized and join the Church. He and his companion have been working with this family for several weeks, and they are excited to see a new happiness and purpose come into the lives of this entire family. And, he reminds us all to be obedient to God's commandments. Good encouragement from a great young man.

February 17

Querido familia,

This past week has been great! The P. family came to church yesterday and they planning on getting baptized this Sunday!!!!!!!!!!! So, I’m super happy about that. It’s also starting to get hot here again and I love it! One thing I have learned is that I love hot weather! It's all muggy and humid though, but it's all good. I can't believe its the middle of February already, ahhh!! Elder Roth is doing well – he is just like Tom from college. The area is going well, too. The wolf-pack is good as well.

A member of the Spanish Branch moved into our area so we met her and it was so fun, oh my gosh, it made me miss the Valley so much! (btw this is the 5th person I’ve spoken Spanish with that's not another missionary while I’ve been up here). So we met her and then a ton of members came over and they had all this awesome Mexican food and charo beans with chicharones (idk if that's how you spell it) but basically it's pig skin in soup and it wasn’t like super gross but I remember eating it and I was thinking, "uh, man this has a weird texture." It was so fun though ‘cause everyone was talking Spanish and it was so hot in her little apartment and you’re just eating with your hands and nobody cares, and oh man I loved it!!

We ride by a high school almost everyday and we go by the baseball field and they’re always out there practicing and it makes me miss it, too. Oh and I got Sister Overmyer's package, please tell her that I loved and thank you so much! Also Molly is engaged?!?! To who?! Tell her I said congrats! But, yea all is well down here en el sur de tejas! How is everyone at home? How's the extended family doing? Well, I love you guys and the gospel is true! However, we only receive the blessings when we are obedient to the commandments!! (Hence we prosper!) Disobedience just pulls us farther and farther away from the Lord so sean obedientes!!

Con mucho amor!!
Elder Christiansen

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