Monday, February 3, 2014

Riding Against the Wind in Flour Bluff

Here's Ethan's letter from today:

February 3, 2014

Mis amigos,

Man these past few weeks have been great! One thing about my area now: it is right on the Bay in Corpus Christi, so there are days when it is winding super hard, and that is a blessing when it's behind you and just pushing you on the bike. However, going against the wind is so hard it's ridiculous. We were riding against the wind one day and it took us 50 minutes to get to our appointment! The weather is really weird, like one day it’s 45 and the next it’s 70 and clear so it depends. I can’t wait for it to heat up again. I love it down here when it’s hot!

The work is going great though, I love it so much and it is just so much fun! We are teaching a family right now and yesterday was their first time coming to church and they loved it! That was by far the highlight of the week! They have two small kids who were going nuts during sacrament meeting and being super loud but, they came! That was the most important.

Being a missionary is awesome. Every day you just never really know what you're going to get, who you're going to talk to, or what crazy things will happen. It's just the best! There is also a huge military base in my area so there are always planes flying around everywhere so that's pretty cool, too. I spoke Spanish to some people this week as well! (my new area is mostly English speaking).

All in all I'm doing great. It is such a blessing to see the Lord work in my life everyday and I know that this is possible for each one of us. Love y'all! Sorry this is so short but I have to go, we don't get much computer time today. If you're having a bad week, start saying your prayers!

Cuidense y come bien andrew,
Elder Christiansen

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