Monday, January 13, 2014

Ronald Regan in Flour Bluff?

Ethan is having some interesting experiences and meeting lots of people in Flour Bluff. I love his positive attitude in challenging conditions. :)

January 13

Hola familia,

Well, this past week has been good! Not too much has happened, though. It’s a challenging area. We get sworn at or a door slammed on us a few times every day, but it’s all good.

I heard about James Franklin going to Penn St., and about Florida St. winning it all – that’s crazy! Oh, I met someone this week whose name is Ronald Reagan! He was running outside with no shirt on and had so much orange chest hair because he's a ginger.

Also, we were talking to this guy, and he just stops us and goes, '”Y’all, I’m such a sinner...I sin everyday...I sin like it’s my job." We then told him that we all do, and started to share about repentance…and then he stops us again and goes, "No, y’all I sin bad...I haul a** in my truck everyday." And then there was this little pause and it was soooo hard for me not to just start laughing. Oh, and he was covered in blood because he just got done skinning a deer. It was way funny.

But yea, other than that nothing really super exciting has happened. How are y’all? How is school, Andrew, who are your teachers? Dad, what country are you in right now? Hope y’all have a good week!

Cuidense y come mucho andrew!!!!!!!!!!
Elder Christiansen

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