Monday, January 27, 2014

"Just Keep Going" ... and Navy Planes

News and photos from Elder Christiansen today. Can I just say that I love Google Translate? It helps me with the Spanish words Ethan includes in his letters. I don't know how accurate it is, but it's definitely more accurate than me guessing. :)

January 27

Mi familia!

Howdy!!!!!!!!!! Man oh man, what a great day!! I remembered my camera today tambien :) So this week was pretty good we found two more people who accepted a baptism so that was good. We had a good church tour with the family we’re teaching, but they didn’t come to church because they were sick :( But we will help them :).

Ok, so we met this lady this week and she's probably 30 or something and so we had a good first lesson with her and like right in the middle she says: "Oh, where are y’all from?" and Elder Roth says, "Utah" and she just responds so quickly, “Yankee.” “And you?” (pointing to me), and I was like, “Oh, I’m from Tennessee.” And then she goes “yeaaaaaaahhhhh!!!!!” and just wanted to talk to me – hahaha it was way funny. So we go over Sunday night to see why she didn’t come to church and she answers the door falling-over drunk, and so we sit down to talk and she just looks at me and goes, "Have you gained weight?" I was just like oh come on, gosh dangit is it that bad? hahaha it was super funny, though. Oh and Presidente Maluenda says “hi.” It was way cold here on Friday, too, I wore those pajama pants you sent me for Christmas under my regular pants to keep me warm!

The work is going great though, at times it is hard, so hard that you don’t really know what to do other than to just keep going, but as we go through those hard times with faith, trusting that the Lord can see the bigger picture, we come out more refined and more like Him. Challenges are a great blessing sometimes.

Oh, also because of the Navy base on the Bluff there are all these sweet planes flying around us. We saw one and Elder Roth goes, "What’s that thing in Call of Duty MW2 that flies around?" and I was like: "AC130?" y el me dijo"no" y entonces le djie"UAV?" y el me dijo "si" haha [from Google Translate: and he said, "no" and then I said "UAV?" and he said "yes"] So I saw a real life UAV so that was kinda cool, tambien.

All is well though in Flour Bluff the Lord is definitely helping us in His work. Also I was reading this week in D&C 138 and it was talking about the vision that Joseph F Smith saw and it is a super good chapter y’all should read it. I love my mission though it just continues to help me learn and grow into the person the Lord wants me to be. As we seek to do His will we become more like Him in our daily lives.

How's everything at home going? Has baseball started yet? Have a good week everyone!

Que ios les bendigas muchisimo durante este semana y con todos su actividades y con su pansita Andrew!! #ComeBienYMucho [from Google Translate: May God bless them? you? much during the week with all your activities, and pansita Andrew]

Frijoles, Arroz, y Tortillas
Elder Christiansen

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