Wednesday, January 29, 2014

It's a Small World 2.0 ... "I-Dawg's" Great Aunt

Photos!!! We always love to see Elder Christiansen's smiling face. He sent these pictures this week -- and, again, I continue to marvel at what a small world it is. Here's what he said:

"This is I-Dawg's great aunt!! I met her this week on the street (in Flour Bluff) and she said she had a missionary in Argentina and then she just goes "Ian Nobmann," and I was stunned! I was just like: "HAUDHASUIHIFHASDUFHASUISH!!!!!!!!!! I KNOW HIM HE'S ONE OF MY BEST FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!!!" hahaha it was pretty funny! I was way excited, so I took a picture with her." 

Ian's Great Aunt and Ethan!

So -- who is Ian Nobmann anyway? First day of freshman orientation at BYU and we're all there with Ethan -- Doug, Andrew, me. (We weren't stalking...this particular program was for parents and families as well.) We sat in the designated section on the side of the ballroom as Ethan and the rest of the new freshmen had special seating up front. The students were organized into small orientation groups for the week, and we watched Ethan go up to his assigned area like we were watching him walk into the first day of kindergarten. Gulp, and excitement! There was one other young man sitting there so Ethan joined him, they started talking and were friends from then on. This was Ian, and he lived down the hall from Ethan in May Hall. I-dawg, Ethan, and the rest of their buddies from May Hall are a "wolf-pack." They are terrific young men from all over the country, all freshmen at BYU, and now all serving LDS missions around the world: Washington, D.C., Spanish speaking; Argentina; Honduras; Texas Spanish speaking; etc. It's so cool that these friends can email each other on Mondays as well and keep in touch while they're on their missions. Great bonds. Love that Ethan got to meet "I-dawg's" great aunt -- a sweet connection to his friends.

Foggy morning in Flour Bluff. Foggy but happy. :) 

I love the smiling faces and the thumbs-up in these photos. Makes me so happy to see Ethan so happy!

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