Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Ethan's Conversion ... to Salad!

We got Ethan's letter on Tuesday this week due to Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (the libraries were closed for the holiday, and that's usually where they go to use the computers and check their email). Ethan's letter was full of news and colorful updates...including a big reveal about his new eating personality. Ethan has always had a fairly limited palette (read: picky eater), and to hear him rave about salad...well, that is beautiful music to this vegetarian mama's ears! :)

January 21

Querido familia,

I forgot my camera cord again so no pictures this week :( This week was good, we had interviews with Presidente Maluenda and they were super good! He is amazing!

So, we were biking towards the top of our area near the Naval Base, and we bike by these guys sitting on their lawn, all with these guns and I thought they were paintball ones and we go by and I hear one laugh then I hear this pop and one of the pellets (it was actually a pellet gun) hits the trees right behind me. So I turned around and gave them the death stare hard and they were just laughing super hard, which in turn made me laugh so no harm done – haha, it was pretty funny.

Also, this is something that will absolutely blow y’alls minds...I like salad. I know, try to control yourselves, but we ate at a member’s house and the salad was so good, man I could have just eaten salad. Then, the next day we were eating at another member's house and during the whole meal I was like, "Man I could use a salad right now." So yea, I’m converted, after 19 years – haha!

So because of the huge Naval Base on Flour Bluff, pretty much anyone you meet has something to do with the military, so that's cool. And it's a training base so there are all these planes flying over us all the time. And so one day we were talking to someone outside and this plane flew by and it was way low and soooo freaking loud it was hilarious! Oh, and my bike chain broke this week as well so I had to fix that. Pray for my bike. :) 

That’s cool about Vandy football, too. I’m so lost in sports now; it’s not even funny. Has the Super Bowl happened yet or did I miss it? Also, we emailed today because it was MLK day yesterday, but I have to go I’m almost out of time! I love y’all so much! Oh, and Elder Roth and I are doing great, I love him a ton, he’s hilarious and such a beast.

Con amor!!!!!!!
Elder Christiansen

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