Friday, May 31, 2013

It's a Small World ... Meeting Sam

It's a small world sometimes. We had the opportunity to reconnect with dear college friend Kathy Peterson, who lives in Salt Lake City and whose son, Sam, also was going to be serving in McAllen, Texas. On a short trip to Utah, we had the chance to get the future missionaries together -- what fun! What a special time -- especially for us moms -- to meet more missionaries going to McAllen. Hope these two might get to serve together in Texas. 

Sam Peterson and Ethan, future missionaries
in McAllen, Texas. They were excited to meet,
and both looking forward to their missions.
And Ethan's already looking up to Sam :) 

Ethan, Kathy Peterson, and Sam Peterson.

Stu, Kathy, and Sam Peterson

Kathy and me -- in Utah red! :) 

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