Saturday, May 18, 2013

Farewell Celebration with Family and Friends

May is always a special time of in the rhythm of our family -- we love graduation season and have attended and participated in numerous university commencements over a 25+ year career in higher education. Almost exactly a year ago -- May 2012 -- we had an open house celebrating Ethan's high school graduation from Ensworth School and his impending adventure to attend Brigham Young University as a new freshman. Good times!

The family at Ethan's graduation open house, May 2012.

At Ethan's graduation, Ensworth School, May 2012.

Fast forward one year, and another party -- this time to send Ethan off to McAllen, Texas with well wishes and fond farewell! We so appreciated the many family and friends who came to celebrate with Ethan, and share with him great advice, generous gifts to support and buoy him on his journey, and especially lots of love and encouragement.

We had little cards that said: "Sending love from Nashville ... to McAllen!" where friends could write a note or share some inspiration with Ethan.

The outpouring and variety of messages, favorite scriptures, encouragement, and words of love for Ethan was wonderful.

So far, we've sent Ethan a few cards at a time. He has a book where he can insert them and refer back often for continued messages from home.

Here are some photos from Ethan's missionary open house:

Andrew, so proud of his brother's decision to serve a mission!
Doug, our missionary, and Ethan's cousin Ben Hedin,
who came out from Salt Lake City for the weekend.

Ethan's Aunt Shannon Seare (Doug's sister), and Uncle Greg Seare,
also visiting from SLC for the weekend, along with their three wonderful kids. 

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